Women in Bluegrass Trivia

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The winners are:
Pat Dinges
Jeanne Mathewson
Betsy Rome


What is the significance of this group of women to the development of bluegrass music?

Sally Ann Forrester, Molly O’Day, Wilma Lee Cooper, Bessie Lee Mauldin, Betty Fisher, Lois Johnson, Penny Jay, Gloria Belle Flickinger, Vallie Cain, and Katie Laur.

A. They were important song writers of hillbilly and bluegrass music.

B. They were powerful radio disc jockeys who actively promoted bluegrass music.

C. They were effective booking agents who promoted hillbilly and bluegrass artists.

D. They were hillbilly and bluegrass band members or band leaders who persevered and created the path for the eventual wide welcome for women in bluegrass.

E. They were women who stood up for themselves and sued bluegrass band leaders for all manner of harassment on the job.

F. They were all Presidents of Fan Clubs for the top hillbilly and bluegrass bands.


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