It’s Our Anniversary


We Are


2014 is a very special year for the Hudson Valley Bluegrass Association. If you are at all curious about our beginnings, check out a treasure trove of our original newsletters (sent by snail mail) called the Jamboree! They are all here for your pleasure.


Comments: Joanne Chack

Hi! Congratulations on turning 20! I found you because I am playing Mountain Melodies by Jim Conkin and wanted to find him. I met him in New Paltz at a venue by the Rail Trail and I just fell in love with him and his music on this CD. I read about his passing in your newsletter. I am so sorry to learn. 🙁 I have a yearning to get back to living in the New Paltz area…maybe some of your bluegrass shows will help us do just that! Congrats again and thanks for such a great website with all the old newsletters attached. Continue on folks! Blue Grass ROCKS!


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