Track Review: John Reischman – Cascadia

“Cascadia,” a progressive Bluegrass composition from mandolinist John Reischman, is named for the beautiful Cascade Range of mountains in the Pacific Northwest, which extends from Northern California to British Columbia.

Two notorious volcanoes in the southern High Cascades have erupted with spectacular violence in the past hundred or so years: Mt. Lassen in California (1914-21) and Mt. St. Helens in Washington (1980).

But Resichman, a gifted composer who lives in British Columbus, must have had the equally stunning but quieter, volcano-free Northern Cascades in mind when he recorded this tune.

There is something calm and reassuring in his elegant melody, which is followed here by tasteful, jazzy solos from Reischman himself, Trent Freeman on fiddle, and Chris Eldridge on guitar. Todd Phillips, who played with Reischman in the original Tony Rice Unit, provides the bass.


As always, Reischman plays with the exemplary taste, tone and timing that have made him one of the premier mandolinists in the Western Hemisphere.

This single, which will be available on June 14, is from his new album, New Time & Old Acoustic, which is scheduled for release later this summer.

Peach Hampton

Peach Hampton played Bluegrass mandolin in a couple of Ohio-based bands in the 1970s before settling down to more lucrative endeavors. He’s now a retired lawyer living in Western Massachusetts, back to playing more music.

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