This Friday! The South Carolina Broadcasters

Where: Christ Church – 20 Carroll Street, Poughkeepsie

When: May 24, 2013 at 7:30

Cost: $10/Person – $5/Students

Open jam begins at 6:30, so bring your instrument!

There will be a refreshment breat, so bring your appetite!

The Charleston, South Carolina based old-time trio says “We just sound like we sound like.” ‘And what they sound like’, says Virginia State Folklorist, Jon Lohman, ‘is an arresting trio of fine musicians, playing the music they love the only way they know how, resulting in a sound that melds a seasoned artistry with playful exuberance. David, Ivy and Sarah’s voices together create a sound that is at once hauntingly ancient yet refreshingly new. There is a sense of immediacy to the Broadcaster’s sound, which can bring old chestnuts to new life, while providing new originals with the patina and soul of the well-worn hills that inspire them.”

Ivy Sheppard grew up on a farm and began her obsessive passion with music at age 17 with a banjo she bought in David’s shop. She learned to play while travelling the country with The Roan Mountain Hilltoppers. The Broadcasters are now creating their own old-time legacy while carrying on the east Tennessee tradition of hard-driving rhythms and close harmony singing.


Sarah Osborne is a natural close harmony singer. She grew up singing the gospel songs of her great grandmother in rural Alamance County, North Carolina, and it’s impossible to miss that influence in her singing. Sarah is a Sophomore at Peace College and a staple in the Triangle traditional music scene.

David Sheppard puts the drive in the Broadcasters sound. Like a freight train coming on down the line his style of playing gives The Broadcasters an unmistakable sound. Currently, his song writing knack is gaining the trio lots of attention. He is a world-renowned luthier and expert restorer of vintage acoustic instruments. Learn more about the shop here.


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