The Story of the Tee Shirt – A Simple Story

Bill Keith (1939-2015)* had a collection of t-shirts.

For Grey Fox 2022, Bill’s widow Claire donated them to the festival to be sold for charity.

Bill and I have a mutual friend in Tom Lindtveit.
He’s the one who Claire entrusted with the shirts.

Tom always camped next to Bill and would help him put up his famous teepee.

..and still does to this day…

Tom saved this unique t-shirt for me and surprised me with it at this summer’s Grey Fox!

Bill has been a friend of HVBA for a long time.

He participated in our pilot education session in 2008.

Here is the Video of the Pilot Program

…and again as a presenter in our 2012 Evolution of Bluegrass class series for the Marist College Center for Lifetime Study, when he brought along Jim Rooney.

*My Bill Keith Tribute Page

Fred Robbins

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