The Money Man: Chris Scheu

Chris, how long have you been involved with the HVBA and how did that come about? 

This will make good bedtime reading.  Sominex may go out of business.  This isn’t scraping the bottom of the barrel.  You’re tipping the barrel over and searching under it if you want to interview me.

“It was a dark and stormy night.”  No, not really.  It was cool summer eve. A scratchy signal came through the car radio and I heard LC Smith, on the nifty 950, WHVW, announce the first jam at the Rhinecliff Hotel in 19_ _ (whatever year that was).  I went.  Whatever happened to LC?

Jeff gets all the credit for getting the organization going. I just showed up.  Then we all starting going to Dolores and Howard’s (Tubbs) house in Hyde Park for the board meetings.  I don’t remember where the jams were first held. Since I’m musically challenged and have terrible people skills I offered to help in other areas as needed.

Q  You might think this will put Sominex out of business, but this is getting interesting (and funny) to me.  So, you were one of the very first people to join the HVBA?  When and why were you named the Treasurer? Sounds as if it would take a “money man” to do that job.  Has the Treasurer’s position changed much over the years?  And, since the press asked Sarah Palin about the role of Veep, what, exactly, is the role of Veep for the HVBA and should why should we vote for you in the upcoming election? 

The job of Treasurer has changed in the past year or so.  Up ’til then we paid for stamps, printing and musicians and collected dues.  It was like the Little Rascals, “Where will we get the money?” “I know!  Let’s put on a show!”  And we’d have a fund raiser. That was 99% of the job.

I agree with you, now it would be good to have someone who actually knows what they’re doing.  Now there are some tax implications with donations and band payments…I don’t look forward to April.  While our tax forms have been pretty simple I still hate doing it. I always think it will be harder than it turns out.
So far, thank God, the VP has only had to chair an occasional board meeting.  Jeff and Mike Burns have been very good Presidents.  The Vice President really does nothing. So I can say the role of VP is something for which I’m perfectly suited.  Now, if there was just some pie involved……..
You shouldn’t vote for me in the next election.  I didn’t run last time.  No one else ran for VP or Treasurer; so I stayed on.  According to Rob Bradley that is what is customary.  So here I am.

Q  Did I say that it would be good to have someone “who actually knows that they’re doing?”  I don’t think I said that.  Your answers are a breath of fresh air!!!  And, by the way, you are not the only one who doesn’t fully understand the role of a VP.  This is true “straight talk.”  Speaking for all of us, you have done a great job!!  You have been one of the steady rocks supporting the HVBA for so very long.  What are your interests, outside of the HVBA when you want to just relax?  Hmmm, and what do you during work hours?

Thanks for the words of support. 

I work for Whalen’s Moving and Storage, an Allied Van Lines agent; no heavy lifting though.  I think we came up with the title of Account Administrator for what I do now.   I deal with colleges and universities when they bring in new hires. We coordinate getting them there, households, laboratories, and research facilities, whatever.   ”Around the corner or around the world!”.   I came up with that.  Catchy, uh?   I hate dealing with French though. 

I get to listen to internet bluegrass throughout day and once in a while catch a show when I’m traveling.  Last month I attended meetings in Ashville, NC and went to the Sunday gospel show at The Flying Pig…..BBQ & Bluegrass.   It was kind of cool seeing the signs for places you’ve heard about in song.  Places like Black Mountain, Maggie Valley, and Swannanoa Tunnel. (My coworker wanted no part of it.  What the hell is wrong with her?)

Off duty hiking, backpacking and canoeing are what I do for fun.  The canyons in Utah were my last big backpacking trip.

Q  How has the HVBA changed over the past 15 years and what is your vision or hopes for our future?  And, Chris….I think I can safely speak for all of our members by thanking you for a job so well done and for your long commitment to taking care of our finances and well-being.

I like staying in the shadows.  So I’m glad people like you, Leslie, George, Jerry, Bob, David, Ed, Pat, Levi have added your talents and enthusiasm to the organization. 

I should publicly thank everyone in the HVBA Individuals and bands for their generosity in time and dollars over the years.  I think Bluegrass in the Schools/Adventures in Bluegrass was a big step forward for us and would love to see that program grow.

Lynn Lipton

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