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Famous Name Associations

A number of performers and songwriters in bluegrass had certain types of “name fame” that they carried for their contributions. For example: Bill Monroe the Father of Blue Grass. Scruggs-Style Banjo. Keith-Style Banjo. David Grisman’s “Dawg Music” (his nickname is “Dawg”). The Stanley Sound. Reno-Style Banjo. Jesse McReynold’s Cross Picking Mandolin.

What bit of bluegrass is always tied with the name Lester Flatt?

A. Lester Flatt crooning
B. Lester Flatt G Run
C. Lester Flatt emcee style
D. Lester Flatt laugh
E. Lester Flatt hat tilt

THE ANSWER is B, Lester Flatt G run.

Additional Bowden Comments

Heavy Traffic Ahead -Bill Monroe

Another example is by Bill and the BGBs with Lester and Earl, “Blue Grass Breakdown” from 1947. It’s very fast, and some say Lester used the “Lester Flatt G Run” in the 4th line of every break as a way of keeping up with the song, instead of strumming all the time. The frequent use of the G run permits him to relax on the high speed strumming for a measure at a time. I don’t think Lester ever made a record again in his life where he played the “Lester Flatt G Run” this frequently. In the earlier lines of each break he plays the shorter/simpler 2-note G run. But for the 4th/final line of each break he features the long “Lester Flatt G run”.

Blue Grass Breakdown

Lester didn’t invent the G run, but he brought it to prominence on these recordings.

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