Review: The Roys – Lonesome Whistle

by George Nasca

On this album, the brother & sister duo Lee and Elaine Roy, are backed up by Ricky Skaggs’ band. The Whites add vocals on the track “That’s What Makes It Love.

The vocal performances by Lee and Elaine are excellent, and they deliver their well blended harmonies one expects from siblings. The band back backing them up is impressive, providing excellent instrumentation, and tasteful breaks. If you’ve ever seen the Ricky Scaggs’ band, you know what they are capable of and they deliver it to you on this album.

There are some highlights in the original material in the album:
“Nothing I Could Do About It Now,” written by Lee Roy, Artis Albritton and Josh Thompson is about a train carrying a woman trying to escape from her man. This tune showcases the quality of the vocals & instrumentation found throughout the album. It’s also one of the catchier tunes on the album.

“That’s What Makes It Love”

“Give a Ride to The Devil,” written by Lee Roy and Robert Ellis Orrall, is a witty tune about temptation and choices.

I believe a good album is one you get the urge to listen to, and miss it after it’s been out of your music player too long. The quality of the vocals & instrumentation made me want to like this album. Unfortunately, in spite of the talent of the artists, the material covered left me with no desire to revisit it.

I’ll close by saying that musicianship on this album makes it worth sampling on iTunes or in Amazon’s MP3 store so you can judge for yourself. It doesn’t cost you anything, and you may find that you think I’m wrong….. As my wife will tell you, I’ve been wrong before.

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