Review: The Korey Brodsky Band Showcase

The Korey Brodsky Band put on a great evening of Bluegrass entertainment this past Friday (5/30/14) as the last HVBA Showcase Concert for the 2013-2014 season. Korey made his guitar work look effortless, and enjoyed sharing the spotlight with Sofia Chiarandini on fiddle, and in vocal duets. Anchored by steady rhythm delivered by his Dad, Rick Brodsky, on upright bass, and backed by Dick Neal on guitar, mandolin, and banjo, the group delivered solidly on old favorites, and also several original Richard Neal songs.

Each had an opportunity to display their talents – and pleased the audience thoroughly through two demanding sets and two well-earned encores. Korey showed courage: he had his guitar teacher, Betsy Rome, join in on “Lady Be Good.” Sofia reached out vocally and musically with a jazz/pop classic, “All of Me.” And Korey showcased his writing skills with a great tune of his own, “Dragonfly” – there’s that special magic of taking something that is yours and sharing it with other talented musicians, and getting very positive audience reaction.

Did I mention that Korey and Sofia are young teenagers? They are – but they are beyond that musically! Korey brought his band to entertain us, and they did.

The evening ended with a monster encore, the sort of jubilation that both the musicians and audience wish would never end. The Korey Brodsky Band was joined by Betsy Rome, Jerry Oland and Joan Harrison on banjo, and shy, quiet, little (not) Mike Sassano on mandolin. The lead – a cup of music magic – was passed round and round, sounding happier and happier as it went, until all joined in and sent it (and us) home!! Thanks, all.

It was a really great end to the Showcase Concert series – see you in the Fall!

Editor’s Note: Photos from the evening are now available on our website Media/Photos page and at Google Photos.


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