Review: The Farm Hands – Colors

Listening to this CD, Colors, I envisioned myself at a country fair, being drawn to the stage where The Farm Hands was playing.  If you like songs about nationalism, religion and the nostalgia for by-gone days, this is the CD for you.  There is a mix of originals by band members Daryl Mosley and Keith Tew, as well as some well executed covers, including “Sin City” and “Nashville Skyline.” Though lacking the emotional depth of the rendition by Emmy Lou Harris, “Sin City” was a nice mellow version with tight harmonies throughout.  On the other hand, Keith Tew’s “The Old 109” was the most moving of the tracks and sounded so authentically bluegrass-train-song that I was surprised to see it was an original.  I thought the musicianship was of high quality throughout, with very tasteful guitar, beautiful dobro and exceptionally fine and versatile fiddling by guest artist, Kimberly Bibb.  With their four part harmonies and straight up solid bluegrass, I found this CD pleasant to listen to while driving down a country road.

“The Old 109”

Pinecastle Records

Paula Moskowitz

Paula Gach Moskowitz sings (including harmony), plays guitar and mandolin and is a long time aficionado of folk and bluegrass music. She married a banjo player and they raised two bluegrass musicians and one sensible adult. She is also a still life, landscape and portrait artist currently living in Clinton Corners, NY..

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