Review: Sideline – Session 1

Excellent album, fully enjoyable! Sideline, a group of bluegrass musicians who play in other bands, has recorded an excellent album full of traditional bluegrass favorites and a few surprises!

My first impression on listening to the array of songs was that each song is played tastefully – just right. None of the songs are overplayed or have extravagant breaks, the melodies are easily accessible and enjoyable! Simple, straightforward, solid bluegrass and tastefully sung!

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“Old Joe Clark Blues”

From the lyrical and soulful singing of Darrell Webb (mandolin) to the tasteful banjo picking of Steve Dilling, the fine fiddling of Adam Haynes, and the accompaniment of Skip Cherryhomes (guitar), and Jason Moore on bass, all the harmonies and supporting instruments make this one enjoyable set of songs from start to finish. I especially enjoyed “Old Joe Clark Blues,” an updated take on an old classic.

Mountain Fever Records

Tom Donovan

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