Review: Rhonda Vincent – Good Thing Going

by Chris Scheu

Like Sara Lee, “Nobody doesn’t like Rhonda Vincent.”  Here she is joined by bluegrass stars Russell Moore, Bryan Sutton, Jesse McReynolds and others as well as Keith Urban offering vocals on “The Water is Wide.”  As you would expect, there is superb musicianship and the same intensity as when she is with her band, “The Rage,” as on Jimmy Martin’s fast paced “Hit Parade of Love,” a standard in her live shows.

Along with the music is Vincent’s voice.  Here again, you get to hear why she is a seven time IBMA vocal winner.  From ballads to the slightly swinging “World’s Biggest Fool” she shows off her range and ability.  She calls this CD, co-produced with her brother and fellow Rounder artist (Daily and Vincent), Darrin, her most personal (five songs written by her) and varied album and there is a more modern sound.

“The Water Is Wide”

Reinforcing the personal nature of this CD are extensive liner notes and her stories and reasons for each song on the album and how it was shaped by her friends and fans, the Ragers.  Vincent wrote “I Give All My Love to You” as a wedding song for her assistant.

As I said, there are some hot licks here but this is not in the style of a live Rhonda Vincent show.  If you’d like a more thoughtful introspective view from this bluegrass superstar then you’ll enjoy joining her on this journey.


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