Review: Lou Reid and Carolina – Sounds Like Heaven to Me

Do you like tight harmony? It’s here! Do you like tasteful breaks? They are here! Do you like songs that will make you dance or cry? They are here!

Lou Reid has been a favorite of mine from the days with Doyle Lawson. His voice has great range, drive, control, and creates a sense of excitement that can culminate in a high note that hits dead on with power from the heart. Man he’s good! He is one of my favorite mandolin players, though he rarely gets mention with the big name players, to me a big omission, as his breaks are a thing of beauty, fast and clean (but no speed dribble here), blue notes (always tastefully added, not overdone), follows the melody line (not lost in a blur of pentatonic mush). Man he’s good. Lou is joined by his wife, Christy, and wow, what a voice she has, a truly gifted woman, with a voice that blends perfectly with Lou’s. Christy plays bass for the band, and is right there keeping the good times moving smoothly. Guitar player Shannon Slaughter has the rhythm, and breaks to blend, and bring energy to the sound. Banjo player Trevor Watson, can take the other 3 great musicians to an even higher level with his drive, and becomes the backbone of the band’s sound.

“John In The Jordan”

All the songs on this CD are gospel tunes, and some will love that, others will approach these songs cautiously. I only have to say that the message is heartfelt, deals with true-life situations, and not some politicized, overly preachy, version of theology. A wayward son telling a mother or father, thanks for helping him find his way, or an alcoholic who left a letter to those at his funeral thanking them for their attendance, are typical of the stories told in these songs. In the gospel way there are two a capella tunes that are just terrific, with four parts, tight, energetic, and inspiring to any singer.

Yes I play this CD over and over.

Rural Rhythms Records

David Angell

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