Review: Junior Sisk & Rambler’s Choice-The Story of the Day That I Died

If you are a fan of Junior Sisk and Rambler’s Choice, then you do not want to miss the latest album, The Story of the Day that I Died. From the first song to the last, Junior Sisk continues his great style of combining great singing with great songs.

From the first moment I put the album into my stereo, I played each and every song at least once, many numerous times in the course of a day and since. This album continues the bluesy, soulful, melancholy, straightforward but enjoyable bluegrass that has been the hallmark of his style for years.

“If The Bottle Was A Bible”

From the twist of the title hit and the forceful commentary on life’s choices in “If the Bottle Was a Bible,” Junior Sisk’s singing and the group’s harmonizing and musicality make each song a joy to listen to. Especially noteworthy is the song “Another Lonely Day,” sung beautifully by Jason Tomlin. The great songs continue throughout the twelve-title tract, thoroughly enjoyable till the last note and leaving you hungry for more!

Rebel Records

Tom Donovan

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