Review: Dave Adkins – Nothing To Lose

Dave Adkins is one of the new and upcoming voices of bluegrass… one of those voices that stand out out from the crowd, once heard you won’t forget who you’re listening to. This is not the high-lonesome-sound, this is grit and cheap whiskey, bar rooms, jails, and of course both love and heartbreak.
Adkins has attracted a lot of attention across the bluegrass community, including a SPBGMA Male Vocalist of the year nomination.

Nothing To Lose is Dave Adkins’ new album, and his first solo album.

The CD opens with “Mistaken Heart,” a gritty broken heart song that will give you a great idea of what’s ahead. “Put Some Grass In It” is a great bluegrass anthem, paying tribute to Lester and Earl, Carter and Ralph, and of course Bill Monroe and other greats, and throws the line “We’ll just play our own kind of music and hope that makes ’em proud,” showing that while he has the deepest appreciation for tradition sometimes you need to make your own way.

“Put Some Grass In It”

“Don’t Pray That Way” is a quiet ballad that could be a real tearjerker in other hands, but Dave’s rendition lets the story take center stage and gives you a great chance to think about life. Moving down the playlist, “Pike County Jail” is the first single from the album and has already been well up the bluegrass charts. “Moonshine in Moonlight” is a hard-working-daddy and moonshine song (but Mama is still raising them right)… hard to go wrong there!

The title track “Nothing to Lose” is a traveling (with a broken heart) song that will set your toes tapping and your head nodding. “Pretty Little Liar” was written with Edgar Loudermilk over a beautiful melody, but with a chilling twist at the end. The album closes out with the bluegrass blast “At Least It Wasn’t Life,” ironically celebrating only getting 15 years instead of a life sentence! Despite the topic it is indeed a blast, another toe tapper that will put a big grin on your face!

Actually, the whole album is going to leave you with a grin – isn’t that what bluegrass is all about?

Look for Dave on tour this summer with Edgar Loudermilk – their live shows are drawing great reviews too!

Mountain Fever Records

Mark Hudson

Mark Hudson is a long time local HVBA member and music lover who, unfortunately, had to move away. He misses the local scene but will look for you at Greyfox!

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