Review: American Drive

This is a tremendous first CD for this “new” band to the bluegrass scene! “American Drive” is essentially J.D. Crowe’s “New South.” The song selection, arrangements, and stylistics are all reminiscent of the J.D. Crowe’s bands over the years, especially recently.

Featuring the excellent lead vocals of veteran “New South” members Dwight McCall (mandolin) and Rickey Wasson (guitar), each accomplished in their own right, the album is a joy to listen to from beginning to end. The band is rounded out by Matt DeSpain (resonator guitar) who sings the lead on a few songs, Kyle Perkins (upright bass), and Justin Jenkins (banjo). If you like JD Crowe’s recent discs, you will enjoy this fine CD, too!

“Nobody’s Child”

Rural Rhythms Records

Tom Donovan

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