More Instrument Trivia

This Contest is Closed The winners are: Brian Quinn Pat Dinges Allan Brooks Andy Bing click photo to enlarge MAY 19, 2023 TRIVIA QUESTION by Dick Bowden What bluegrass instrument is represented by this group of current brand names? Santa … Read More

Bluegrass Does Gordon Lightfoot

On May 5th, the world lost Gordon Lightfoot, one of the most influential and accomplished folk musicians of all time. Lightfoot’s complex yet gentle songwriting, often with environmentalist and transcendentalist undertones, made his works big hits in rock, folk, and … Read More

CD Review: Rock Hearts – Wanderlust

I reviewed their debut CD a year or so ago, and I’m happy to report Rock Hearts’ second effort remains good solid traditional bluegrass, wrapped around mostly “new” songs. Rock Hearts, from central New England, has gotten a good reception … Read More

Bluegrass Quadruple Plays!

Most songs and tunes in the bluegrass canon have been around the block a couple of times—to say the least. Many classics dating back to the first generation of bluegrass performers or earlier have been recorded dozens of times throughout … Read More

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