BoozeGrass – A David Chernack Playlist

Whether it’s rye whiskey, barroom beer, or that good old Mountain Dew, booze features heavily in bluegrass music. Although these songs usually don’t occur in such rapid succession—usually there’s some God-fearing gospel in there to water ‘em down—this list features … Read More

A Bluegrass Murder – Trivia Question

This Contest is Closed The winners are: Andy Bing Todd Evans Guillermo HErnandez Dick Stock Roy Streever Gayle Yeomans click photo to enlarge NOVEMBER 10, 2023 TRIVIA QUESTION What Hillbilly/Bluegrass Performer was Murdered 50 Years Ago? What famous hillbilly/bluegrass music … Read More

Current Instrument Brands Trivia

This Contest is Closed The winners are: Dick Stock Todd Evans Gayle Yeomans click photo to enlarge OCTOBER 27, 2023 TRIVIA QUESTION Let’s talk about current-day bluegrass instrument makers. Gibson no longer makes banjos at all. Kay doesn’t make bass … Read More

Playlist: Bluegrass Behind Bars

Murder ballads, hard drinking, conniving thievery, and other crimes feature heavily in the bluegrass canon. It’s all fun and games until those characters end up in the county pen—and that’s what this playlist is all about! Blue Highway, Mile Twelve, … Read More

From Violinists to Fiddlers

Bringing Bluegrass Music to Students in Stringendo’s Strawberry Hill Fiddlers Program About a month ago, I received an invitation to visit with the Strawberry Hill Fiddlers and teach their fiddle students about bluegrass music. As a Strawberry Hill Fiddlers alumnus, … Read More

Violinists to Fiddlers – October 17, 2023

Lynn Lipton, videographer On October 17, 2023, the Hudson Valley Bluegrass Association presented a concert/workshop for the Strawberry Hill Fiddlers. The complete story is told here by David Chernack, President of the HVBA and a former Strawberry Fiddler. The Blue … Read More

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