This is: Alison Krauss

It has been argued by many (read: me) that Alison Krauss is—and will remain—the best female vocalist and fiddler that bluegrass has ever seen. She started her career in her teens in the 1980s, created possibly the most recognizable and … Read More

Roots Of Bluegrass—Brother Duets

The pop and country music worlds lost another iconic musician with the recent death of Don Everly of the Everly Brothers, who were probably the most influential of the brother vocal harmony duet acts of the last century. (Don’s brother … Read More

Dave’s Faves

By now, you’ve probably gotten a sense of what I like in terms of bluegrass. High-level instrumental prowess, creative and outside-the-box songwriting, and an excellent ensemble sound are what I look for in my bluegrass favorites. Those things all apply … Read More

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