Bluegrass Jam Sessions

This week’s post focuses on a subject of interest to nearly everyone who plays bluegrass: jam sessions. Jams are informal musical gatherings where musicians make music for the joy of it. They are found everywhere bluegrass is played. Although the … Read More

New Feature: Let’s Talk

I’ll Give You a Topic and then – Let’s Talk The title comes from a gag in an old Saturday Nite Live skit called “Coffee Talk”. Two Queens ladies and a guest would prattle about everyday life: “dogs, coffee, daughters, … Read More

Bluegrass Roots-The Carter Family

Bluegrass Roots-The Carter Family In my last post, and several others, I mentioned the Carter Family as a fertile source of repertoire for bluegrass artists. Harry Smith included four Carter Family songs in his Anthology of American Folk Music and … Read More

Playlist: Modern Bill Monroe Instrumentals

Bill Monroe’s mandolin playing is arguably what started bluegrass. His playing, and his vast instrumental repertoire, started developing in the 1940s—and they have defined bluegrass for the genre’s entire lifespan. In the twenty-first century, it’s still difficult to find an … Read More

Carlton Haney Interview

click here for larger video You may remember several months ago in the Bluegrass Trivia game there was a question “What was Carlton Haney MOST famous for?” The correct answer was — producing the first weekend-long multi-act camping bluegrass festival … Read More

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