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Tilly Foster was formed in the Summer of 2017 and since has been presenting a modern twist on the bluegrass/ Americana world, with original compositions that meld an eclectic array of styles. The band members, inspired by a modern fusion ranging from Led Zeppelin, Grateful Dead, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, and even Punk Rock Legends like The Clash, have been attracting lots of notice while staying true to the bluegrass sound.

The band was formed by Tim Fogarty (guitar) with long time friends, Bryan Lynch (banjo) and Mike Colucci(mandolin), both former members of Buckeye Rooster. The band was made complete with Cole McCormack (bass) and Vicky Triola (violin). Its shows are non stop fun, high energy and excitement to be a part of. They are guaranteed to have the crowd singing and dancing through the final set, Like all great bands with presence, the crowd will likely refuse to leave before Tilly Foster’s encore is complete!


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