Hooray! They did it!!!!

The Powder Kegs, a rowdy group of old-timey bluegrass players, took home the prize at NPR’s Prairie Home Companion’s “Performers In Their Twenties” contest last night. The six young adults played at a battle of bands and of course, The Powder Kegs came out victorious.

This talented group is on a mission to re-energize the communication lines between the new generation and its roots. Sam McDougle (fiddle), Dan Maroti (guitar and vocals) and Ryan Dieringer (bass and vocals) first played together in a bluegrass band in high school; when Sam went off to college at Vassar, he met Jake Hoffman (banjo and vocals) and Peter Winne (slide guitar, harmonica, vocals). They formed The Powder Kegs in the winter of 2005, and headed to Burlington the following summer where they worked on a farm for room and board and performed at bars, clubs, even on the street. Last winter, they released their first full length album, The Seedhouse. After a street performing tour of the East coast in June, the Kegs settle into permanent residence in the Hudson Valley of New York.


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