Where: 42 Haggerty Hill Rd, Rhinebeck, NY
When: Friday, Sep 8 @ 7:30pm
Tickets: Members: $15/Non-Members: $20


Mile Twelve is a fresh, hard driving young band beautifully walking the line between original and traditional bluegrass. Fast gaining recognition for their outstanding performances in bluegrass and folk circles, Evan Murphy, Bronwyn Keith-Hynes, Nate Sabat, BB Bowness and David Benedict write captivating songs and daring instrumental pieces from diverse influences. Banjo luminary Tony Trischka says, "Mile Twelve is carrying the bluegrass tradition forward with creativity and integrity."

How The Circle of Fifths Is Used In Bluegrass
Since 1994, the Hudson Valley Bluegrass Association has been promoting today’s Bluegrass musicians so that local fans can enjoy jam sessions, concerts and open mics by outstanding performers. Ever wondered what makes these Bluegrass performances so compelling though? Aside from their natural stage presence, a lot of it comes down to the songwriting which uses a winning Bluegrass chord formula in both new tunes and familiar favorites alike. Here, we discuss more precisely, the role that the Circle of Fifths plays when composing or playing Bluegrass.

A little bit of history
Before addressing the major chords in Bluegrass and how this music genre makes use of the Circle of Fifths, let’s see what the phenomenon of the Circle of Fifths actually is. To give you a bit of a historical background, the circle of fifths is a term used in music theory that refers to an organized chart, or more precisely the 12 tones of the chromatic scale.

A Who’s Who of Bluegrass Music in the Beautiful Catskill Mountains
A gathering of music, community, family & friends

July 13-16, 2017
Full Festival Advance Price: $215
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40+ Bands • 5 Stages • Workshops • Emerging Artist Showcase
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Camping • Jamming • Foods • Crafts • And a whole lot more!

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On a particularly frigid evening a few years ago, Robert and Lillian Fraker came here to my house in Amherst for our usual festive dinner and a few hours of music making. Robert came through the door, eyes beaming. As we were sharing our first pour of red wine, he practically purred as he spoke of the glory of a deep cold night, the stars clear above and the snow glistening below.

Ah, memories. Where do we keep them? How many do we have? Thankfully, when I think of Robert, I know I’ll have quite a few of them. Perhaps more importantly, all the ones that rush to me, like that very first one above, leave me with the same warm feeling. This is, of course, exactly what Robert wanted to leave to us, his friends and family. A more erudite gentleman and compassionate soul you will never meet.

$15 at The Door

Friday, May 26, 2017
Unitarian Fellowship: 67 S. Randolph Avenue - Poughkeepsie, NY

The Hayrollers play a stomp'in, soulful bounce of bluegrass, old-timey-swing-i-fied-country-music pick'in and sing'in. Hailing from the Hudson Valley and the Berkshires, The Hayrollers are heavily influenced by the Stanley Brothers, Bill Monroe, Buzz Busby and the golden age of bluegrass and country music. With its twang and soulful vocals from Virginia native Cowboy Jim and the swingy-stomp from Hunger Mountain Boys Kip Beacco and Matt Downing, The Hayrollers offer unique yet classic interpretations of traditional & original tunes with tight harmonies and spirited picking!


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