Officers of the Board of Directors:

Jeff Anzevino, President

Last month’s Board of Directors election saw the re-election of our well-experienced officers as well as the induction of a group of energetic new board members who are eager to help make the HVBA the best damned bluegrass association it can be. So without further ado, here they are to introduce themselves to you – in alphabetical order and in their own words. 

Jeff Anzevino, President: How does a second-generation Italian kid from New Jersey grow up to love Bluegrass music? Jeff Anzevino's love of bluegrass music evolved from spending the earliest days of his youth absorbing background music on "cartoons that don't talk," where Turkey In the Straw, Arkansas Traveler and Alabama Jubilee moved the plot along. Another cartoon, Popeye, embedded "The Sailor's Hornpipe" into his psyche and TV shows, like The Beverly Hillbillies and Andy Griffith introduced him to what he would later learn is Bluegrass music.

Just want to share the enormous pleasure of my recent pilgrimage to the Pirate Canoe jam. Currently it’s a 3 hour drive for me to be able to be there, but I sure would love to have the opportunity more often. It happened to be election night and I had the great luck to walk in on a well-attended evening, as members showed up to participate. On the one hand, kinda funny to vote with no one running against the incumbents – and yet; boisterous support of due process was well worth registering! And of course, what a gift that the long-time officers and appointees continue to be so generous and enthusiastic with their time and effort. A number of new board members were also brought in, and great ideas were tossed around such as offering workshops to the membership. Doubtless, things will only get bigger and better at THE HVBA as each year passes.

Some of us are too young to remember the summer of love, 1969, and the Woodstock Nation. OH ALRIGHT ALREADY – some of YOU are too young. Sheesh! Anyway, next weekend (September 9, 11am-4pm, FREE ADMISSION!) climb aboard the love bus and head up to Bethel, NY – the historic site of the original Woodstock concert – for the first ever Mountain Music Festival!

As the HVBA continues to grow and develop into the internationally acclaimed and universally admired organization that it is destined to be, we are beginning to experience growing pains that only you, our membership, can help remedy. Nooo, no, no… this is not an appeal for money. How tacky would THAT be! No, this is an appeal for real help!

The Case Brothers-Martin and Gibson have once again been invited to perform at the IBMA Fan Fest as part of the Old Time Opry Review. By popular demand, this year will be the fourth year this show has been presented. The show is a recreation of the original Grand Old Opry, complete with whistle blowing Judge Hay, banjo wailing Uncle Dave, Buck dancers, string bands, lots of comedy, etc. It’s a real hoot and is not to be missed if you attend IBMA in October.

Internationally recognized radio personality Bill Knowlton will be the 2007 recipient of the Brown Jug award.

The Brown Jug award is given each year to a person who has made a significant and continuing contribution to old-time and/or bluegrass music in the Northeast United States. The prestigious award is part of the Park Slope Old-Time & Bluegrass Jamboree, an annual event that brings together traditional American musicians and fans for a day and a half of concerts, workshops and jamming.


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