October 9 Trivia Question

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The winner is Andy Bing


There are more bluegrass biographies out there than most readers suspect. You can learn a LOT about founding figures of bluegrass in books. Also of course via magazine articles, LP and CD packaging, and YouTube videos. If you read enough books like this, you get invited to write a Bluegrass Trivia column…

Which one of the following is NOT a real (print version) biography/autobiography of an important bluegrass-related figure(s)?

A. Crowe on the Banjo – the Music Life of JD Crowe, by Marty Godbey
B. John Hartford – Pilot of a Steam Powered Aereo-Plain, by Andrew Vaughn
C. Earl Scruggs and Foggy Mountain Breakdown, by Thomas Goldsmith
D. Bluegrass Bluesman – Josh Graves A Memoir, edited by Fred Bartenstein
E. Kentucky Traveler – My Life in Music, by Ricky Skaggs
F. Satan is Real – the Ballad of the Louvin Brothers, by Charlie Louvin
G. Lester Flatt – The Good Times Outweigh the Bad, by Jake Landers
H. Don’t Give Your Heart to a Rambler — My Life with Jimmy Martin, the King of Bluegrass, by Barbara Martin Stephens
I. The Blue Sky Boys, by Dick Spottswood
J. Can’t You Hear Me Calling – The Life of Bill Monroe, by Richard D. Smith
K. John Duffey’s Bluegrass Life, by Moore & Keplinger
L. Larry Sparks – the Lonesomest Rambler, by Art Vanderlay
M. Dixie Dewdrop – The Uncle Dave Macon Story, by Michael D. Doubler
N. Teardrops in My Eyes – the Music of Harley “Red” Allen, by Dennis Satterlee
O. Bill Monroe – The Life and Music of the Blue Grass Man, by Tom Ewing
P. Foggy Mountain Troubadour – The Life and Times of Curly Seckler, by Penny Parsons
Q. None of the above, they’re all real


Additional Bowden Comments

Good guesses, and congrats to the two correct answerers. Folks, I swear Andy Bing and I don’t exchange any secret information!!!

I’ve owned and read all these bios (and more) except the fictitious Larry Sparks “Lonesomest Rambler” by Art Vanderlay Art Vanderlay was in fact the fake name used by George Costanza in his various schemes on the tv show “Seinfeld”. At one point he was an architect named Art Vanderlay. Another time he pretended to be working as a latex salesman for Vanderlay Industries which was supposedly owned and operated by Jerry Seinfeld, and Jerry was going to give him a good reference for another job.

It’s quite interesting how many of these books tell interlocking stories, and either clarify or corroborate many of the tales and legends in the other books.

Sadly some are out of print now, but new ones keep coming out. The 4 newest are the Mac Wiseman, Curly Seckler, Jimmy Martin and John Duffey tomes. All are fascinating. The Jimmy Martin book will curl your hair!

Thanks everyone for playing. Hope you like the next Bluegrass Trivia question.

Dick Bowden

Dick Bowden recently retired after a 45 year career in the paper industry, and moved from Connecticut to Big Indian NY (Ulster County) where he ekes out a precarious existence as a groundskeeper. Dick has been performing bluegrass music on banjo and guitar since 1966 in his home state of Maine, throughout New England, and internationally with The Case Brothers - Martin & Gibson. He has performed for HVBA with the Old Time Bluegrass Singers, and also sent in a squadron of Dick Bowden's Flying Circus. Most recently Dick has played Dobro (tm) with the Tennessee Mafia Jug Band. Dick has written many articles for Bluegrass Unlimited, Bluegrass Today, MoonShiner (the Japanese bluegrass magazine) and HVBA.

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