New Bluegrass and Old Heartaches: Bobby Osborne and the Rocky Mountain Express

As I viewed the cover of New Bluegrass and Old Heartaches by Bobby Osborne & The Rocky Mountain Express, I was hoping to hear that crystal clear tenor voice that impressed me so much in my youth on the songs “Once More” and “Ruby, Are You Mad.” I was not disappointed. I quickly noticed the unmistakable sound of the Fern Lloyd Loar Gibson mandolin that fascinated me as a young mandolin picker. I was glued to Bobby’s
mandolin in my youth learning fiddle tunes the way Bobby played them. As I recall, he credited his style to the electric guitar styles of the 1950’s.

In my youth, I had the pleasure of seeing The Osborne Brothers live many times. They always provided a great show. I bought a few LP’s from them that I still play and I still regret that I didn’t have them autographed.

This new album is quite good overall, but I especially liked “Muddy Waters,” a song written by Phil Rosenthal. “The Last Bridge You’ll Burn,” “Low And Lonely,” and “Born In Kentucky” are also excellent songs featuring Bobby on lead vocals and, of course, there is the excellent fiddling of Glen Duncan. The entire band is great and I am quite pleased that the sound of their classic 1970’s-1980’s period still remains.  Bobby Osborne is still picking and singing bluegrass as well as he ever has. This album is truly recommended to all.

“Born In Kentuck”

“I’m Going Back To The Mountain”
“One More Time”
“Heartache Looking For A Home”
“Muddy Waters”
“I Wrecked My Life”
“The Old Oak Tree”
“The Last Bridge You’ll Burn”
“Why Don’t You Turn Me Loose”
“Low and Lonely”
“Born In Kentucky”

Rural Rhythm Records

Steve Brandt

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