Nashville Cats!

Trivia by Dick Bowden

Flatt & Scruggs made a good record of “Nashville Cats” in 1967. It was a minor hit on the country and folk charts.

The Del McCoury Band made a record of “Nashville Cats’ in 1998. It was quite a hit in the bluegrass charts. (There were no bluegrass charts in Flatt & Scruggs’ days.) Del still performs the song in most of his concerts. SiriusXM also plays the song by both Flatt & Scruggs and Del McCoury occasionally.

The original writer/performer of “Nashville Cats” was not a bluegrasser. He was not even a Nashville country musician, really. He was a “folk-rock singer”. In his 1966 recording of the song he marveled about how all the Nashville pickers and singers could get work very easily, almost in the childhood. Much more easily than folk singers like himself.


Who wrote, and made the first record of “Nashville Cats”? It was a “reverse crossover”, perhaps…
A. John Sebastian
B. Dr. Hook
C. Donovan
D. Jerry Jeff Walker
E. Bob Dylan


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Dick Bowden

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