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Allan Brooks
Andy Bing

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by Dick Bowden

What bluegrass instrument is represented by this group of current brand names?

Santa Cruz, Collings, Henderson, Preston Thompson, Pre-War, Bourgeois, Blue Ridge, Gibson

A. Guitar

B. Banjo

C. Bass fiddle

D. Dobro

E. Mandolin

F. Fiddle


Additional Bowden Comments

Guitar is correct.

Collings and Gibson make mandolins also. Henderson makes a few mandolins too. But all are mainly guitar companies.

And there are other guitar companies supplying the bluegrass world. Santa Cruz makes a fine line of guitars including the famous Tony Rice Model. I recently learned that Gallager Guitars is continuing in business even though old Mr. Gallagher passed away. Some supporters of the company bought it and continue to build “improved” Gallaghers. Doc Watson famously played and endorsed Gallaghers — there’s a Doc Watson model.

Except for Gibson, “most” of these companies base their guitars on the Martin pattern.

Congrats to the winners!

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