We now have two categories for Member Bands (Descriptions are below).  We will only accept payment from bands that play bluegrass related music.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

Your band has two options for payment:


Personal Check


First Time Only Premium Member Bands for $100 (Includes a one-time-only setup fee):

Renewal for Premium Member Bands for $55 + Handling:

Renewal or Sign-Up for Member Bands for $35 + Handling:

Check made payable to HVBA do not require a handling fee. Mail to::

Lynn Lipton
21 Adriance Avenue
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

Member Bands:
$35/year: a link to your own site on all of our web pages and notice of all requests for band gigs.

Premium Member Band:
$55/year: we host your website and, if you have one, we provide a link (with a red star) to your own site.  There is an initial one time only fee of  $100.00 for the setup.  

After that, the cost is $55/year.  In addition, you will receive all requests for band gigs.  Your page would include a band picture and bio, pictures and bio for each band member, 3-4 song clips, about 8 photos, your schedule and contact information.  You must submit the photos, text, songs and your contact information, We will provide a form for you to manage your own schedule.  If you don’t have the music clips or photos, that is ok.  You will not have access to the website, but we welcome your input.

All Premium Member Bands will be featured in an article or interview on our homepage for at least two weeks and then will be accessible for as long as we have a website.  It’s a great way to get publicity for your band.