Meet Dave Angell: HVBA’s New President

The Hudson Valley Bluegrass Association is delighted to welcome its new president, Dave Angell, who has agreed to take over the leadership of the organization from HVBA’s founder, Jeff Anzevino. Dave has long been one of the group’s most active members, both as a mandolin player in jam sessions and behind the scenes at concerts—helping to set up the room, breaking it down, and doing whatever needed to be done.

Dave’s talent, enthusiasm, and wide knowledge of Bluegrass have long played an important role in the success of the HVBA. Early rumors (since proven to be unfounded) that he was, in fact, Salman Rushdie, using the HVBA as a cover1  , brought many of the curious who came to jams, liked what they found, and remained to become members.

Dave’s subtle but firm of leadership is shown to advantage in jam sessions, where he can always be counted on to come up with tunes, leading others smoothly through the chords and melody and adding significantly to everyone’s repertoire. He goes out of his way to involve all players, encouraging tyros and pros alike to take their turns on solos. Referring to her earliest contacts with Dave almost a decade ago, Lynn Lipton said, “He was a natural leader; and, when he wasn’t present, the jams just weren’t as good.” And have we mentioned the quality of his playing and his singing voice?

Outgoing president Jeff Anzevino wishes him the best, adding:

Congratulations to David on his election as president of the HVBA. The HVBA is stronger than ever, in large part because of the hard work and volunteerism demonstrated by David, as well as our board and many members.

All of the members share those sentiments. Best of luck, Dave
1  Just to emphasize: This was not true.

Mike Foley

Mike Foley is currently on the Board of the Hudson Valley Bluegrass Association. A retired educator, he has filled up some of his new-found time trying to learn the banjo and mandolin. His mandolin work, in particular, has been compared to lightning, in that he never strikes twice in the same place. He occasionally writes reviews of CD’s by groups of which he is particularly fond as a means of building up his music library. Mike enjoys evening walks by the seashore, candle-light dinners, and quilting.

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