Korey Brodsky to Record Album

I am very proud to announce that my son Korey is about to record his first album. He has been carrying around a guitar since he was in diapers (literally). His love for bluegrass and jazz is very deep. Having grown up in the bluegrass community, he has spent countless weekends and vacations attending festivals, concerts, visiting Nashville, Kentucky, North Carolina, and studying with some of the best in the business.

Korey has been gigging since he was about 13. He has a bunch of well received original instrumental tunes that he has been playing at gigs and jams. He plans to record this material along with some traditional covers. There is an outstanding band lined up for these sessions including Jesse Brock (mandolin), Ron Cody (banjo), Kalia Yeagle (fiddle/vocal), and me, his dad on bass. We are also extremely fortunate that Jonathan Edwards has offered to sing a couple of tunes on the album. We are so grateful.

Korey intends to produce a quality album with the help of engineer/producer Steve Drown at The Studio in Portland, ME. A production of this type requires serious resources and we would greatly appreciate your support. Please help Korey make his dream come true by donating to his GoFundMe campaign. He is offering some nice incentives for your contributions.

We feel much appreciation for all the support you have given to Korey over the years. He is a true example of a child being raised by a village. So many of you have impacted his life in positive ways and helped form his musical abilities. Thank you!!

Fred Robbins: I’m proud to have made the video for Korey’s campaign. He’s a very serious, gifted musician, a fine young gentleman, and a good friend for the last four years. I wish him well-deserved success. And congratulations to you Rick and Sherri for your obvious support for your son.


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