July 31 Bluegrass Trivia Question


What was the first multi-day weekend camping bluegrass festival in New York?

A. Smokey Greene’s – Fort Ann NY
B. Corinth NY
C. Thousand Islands – LaFargeville NY
D. Berkshire Mountain Festival – “Hillsdale” NY
E. Peaceful Valley – Shinhopple NY
F. Nevele Hotel – Wawarsing NY
G. Long Island Bluegrass – Copiague NY
H. Woodstock – Bethel NY


Answers Due by 5pm on Thursday, July 30. The answer and winner will appear here on July 30, 2020.


  • Trivia Contest ends at 5pm every Thursday.
  • No answers will appear in the Comment Section until Thursday around 8:00pm, after all answers have been submitted.
  • A new question will be posted on our website every Friday morning.
  • Certificates will be awarded to the first person with the correct answer, but we encourage everyone to post. Who knows, there might be a runner up winner.
  • Participants are allowed to post their own questions to Dick Bowden with the hope of stumping him. Maybe that would deserve another prize.
  • If you do get lucky and win, you will be out of the winning category for at least three weeks; however, we hope you will still play the game and chalk up some bragging rights.

Ed. Note: Check back to read any added details that have been posted by Dick Bowden. Well worth your time.

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  • Entries are mighty thin as of Saturday, so this is ENCOURAGEMENT to other folks to jump in the water and cool off with your stab at the answer!!! It’s perfectly OK to do research. Where was the first weekend NY bluegrass festival? Come on! (NOTE: Bribes are welcome, but won’t get you the answer.)

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