July 3 Trivia Question

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Who were the first women to win IBMA Instrumentalist of the Year Award for their instruments (not all in the same year)?

Instruments and names in the following order (this does not indicate the chronological order):

Bass fiddle/Banjo/Fiddle/Guitar/Mandolin/Dobro

A. Missy Raines/Alison Brown/Becky Buller/Molly Tuttle/Sierra Hull/No woman has won this award
B. Missy Raines/Kristen Scott Benson /Laurie Lewis/Lynn Morris/Rhonda Vincent/Sally Van Meter
C. Gloria Belle/Lynn Morris/Jana Jae/Wilma Lee Cooper/Tina Adair/Cindy Cashdollar
D. Cheryl White/Gena Britt/Deanie Richardson/Donna Stoneman/Jean Wooten


Additional Bowden Comments

Good to have FIVE participants this week; thank you all for playing and here’s a lovely parting gift… Vanna?

Sorry to say a couple of folks misunderstood the question and tried to pick names from all 4 POTENTIAL answers to match up to the instruments listed in the question. The correct answer would be A, B, C or D only. All of the names listed in the correct answer ARE the first winners of the award for their instrument. Lynn will announce the outcome.

This year for instance in the banjo category, IBMA has nominated THREE women and TWO men! No lady nominated in the Dobro(TM) category…

I will say that the first female winner happened VERY early in IBMA’s award history.

If anybody out there is hanging back, pondering whether to hazard an answer, please give it a try before Thursday evening! Come on in, the water’s fine.


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