Jim Hurst Leaves the Claire Lynch Band

As in “all good things must come to an end,” so to does Jim’s association with the CLB.

Jim Hurst, one of the hottest most creative guitarists on the bluegrass, country, jazz scene, will be leaving the Claire Lynch Band. Jim has been a member of Claire Lynch bands since 1995 including The Front Porch String Band. His soloing on “Wabash Cannonball”, a feature of Claire Lynch performances, makes one wonder if it could be any better than this?  Jim has a way of punching out chord phrases and punctuating melodies with little surprises that make a musician smile.  To not see him on stage with Claire will be a let down for those of us who have seen him perform with her over the years.

In an email to this writer Jim writes:

 “I find it’s time for me to look to other musical challenges and areas of musical expression and growth. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunities thus far in my career and working in those two bands were part of what has made me the musician and the person that I am today. I am honored to be part of her (Claire Lynch – ed.) latest Rounder Records recording “Whatcha Gonna Do”, and it seems to be receiving much acclaim.”

 “I am now looking for new opportunities that will challenge my creative and expressive abilities. I intend to do solo work: festivals, concerts, coffeehouses, workshops, clinics, recordings, production, as well as private lessons – both in person and online. I will always look for opportunities to perform in interesting ensembles here and there, and for the time being probably will not look for full-time position in bands.”

“I hope to write more originals and produce my next recording soon, and I am working to make that happen. I am producing recordings for a couple other folks and am enjoying that as well. I am teaching at music camps, and doing workshops in conjunction with solo concerts. I am in the beginning plans to do clinics for some of the musical products I endorse, and I am excited about that.”

“As with any career change, I am open to opportunities, welcome well wishes and prayers, and will strive to be thankful for whatever is presented to me.”

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Doug Mathewson

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