Jesse Brock & Streamliner – Set Two: October 5, 2019

Fred Robbins, Videographer


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  • I saw Jesse Brock at the Joe Val Festival in February , guest playing with Jeff Scroggins & Colorado, alongside Greg Blake and Ellie Hakanson. Jesse is a true virtuoso and Ellie and Greg are tops at both playing and singing. This was the highlight of a weekend that included more than forty groups. I’m new to the bluegrass scene (but not to bluegrass itself) and was having a great time, but at the end of their set Jeff Scroggins announced that this was the last concert of “Colorado” and they all would be going on to other things. Oh, no! What I did not know was that Greg and Ellie had already joined Jesse in Streamliner, so seeing this October 2019 video made me very happy! I hope they find the time to visit the Northeast often. Well, as often as possible.

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