HVBA Showcase: CornFed Dogs

Friday, November 30, 2012

$10/Person – $5/Students

You do NOT want to miss this group!  They wowed the crowds at Joe Val and we are so lucky to have them perform for us in Poughkeepsie.

Where: Christ Church – 20 Carroll Street, Poughkeepsie 

When: 6:30: Open Jam – 7:30: Performance

Refreshments available

Nick Novia-Fairfield, CT-Guitar
A vocal fixture of New England bluegrass! When Nick sings, and remembers the words, he tells the songwriters’ story! Slow pitiful laments, or breakdown bluegrass numbers, it’s all done the right way…with feeling, and honesty…by golly it’s “boni-fied!!”

Joe DeLillo-Colchester, CT-Bass
By far the local favorite! Joe is simply uncomparable as a bluegrass tenor singer, incomparable! Joe can sing and walk that bass fiddle better ‘n most!
And, he can fix most everything.

Mike Sassano, the most powerful mandolin soloist you’ll hear anywhere. Whimsical, energetic, and perfect. Mike has recorded with many stars of the genre. He may even sing something.

Ben Freed, a contemporary New York City banjo master, also keeps in the shade of Scruggs…powerful, syncopated “riffage” that complements any band lucky enough to have him! He can also sing! Look for some nice trios.

Kalia Yeagle, a new musician to these parts, was the Alaska State Fiddle Champion…and that’s a pretty big state. I was in a state of shock when I heard her sing…WHOA…just wait! Oh yeah, her fiddling is second to none.

Together, Nick, Joe, Mike, Kalia & Ben render an incomparable bluegrass style that draws attention to what bluegrass is all about…singing…and most lonesome! You will NOT find bluegrass harmony singing any better than this.

Together, this “Cornfed” bunch will sway you to clap and stomp! The best picking the best singing!


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