HVBA Launches a Bluegrass Community Forum

We are so excited to begin a new journey for the HVBA and we hope this will be a space that enourages greater participation for all lovers of bluegrass music.

The HVBA Forum is intended as an online space for association members to connect with other members. Though most would undoubtedly rather attend in-person jams, “real life” can sometimes make it difficult to get involved. A goal of the HVBA Forum is also to collect and share the collective history and stories of bluegrass in the area. Many HVBA members have been part of the scene for decades and are the true local historians of the music. With a love of bluegrass as a common denominator, the “In Search Of” subforum is a place where member musicians can seek others to play and keep the music alive. Hopefully, the subforums are self-explanatory and posters can keep posts on-topic.

The HVBA moves forward thanks to its membership and a small group of intrepid volunteers. The forum is an experiment and its purpose and usefulness will be evaluated over time. Volunteer moderators will monitor activity but the hope is that the forum will be a self-regulating and productive place. All music fans can register as forum members can participate by reading and posting.

Jeff ZelPlease read the forum mission statement below and, if it looks like fun, sign up!

Welcome to the Hudson Valley Bluegrass member forum.

This forum is intended for use by members to respectfully interact on topics related to our shared love of music in general and bluegrass in particular. As such, please limit discussions to these topics. The HVBA forum isn’t a place for political or religious discussion, and there will be no tolerance for intolerance. The forum is moderated by HVBA volunteers committed to maintaining the collegial, friendly, and fun tone and atmosphere found at an in-person jam.

The moderators may delete comments deemed abusive, disrespectful, hateful, or otherwise counterproductive to the furtherance and appreciation of the music we love. While there is no expectation of forum misuse by any member, the moderators reserve the right to deactivate any offenders.

HVBA members are strongly encouraged to use real names as their forum handle. Not only is this a good way for members to become acquainted online and in real life, it also engenders accountability and respectful discourse.


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