How Flatt & Scruggs Spend Their Time

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The winner is Cecelia Chilton


In one of their most famous recordings, Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs seem to spend ¾ of their time “rolling in my sweet baby’s arms”. Now I’m not talking about waltz time here, I mean 75% of their time.

So, if they are spending ¾, or 75% of their time “rolling in my sweet baby’s arms”, what are they doing the other ¼, or 25% of the time? Extra points for illustrating your answer graphically.

  1. Pickin’ and grinnin’
  2. Selling Martha White Flour products
  3. “Laying ‘round The shack til the mail train comes back”
  4. Counting their money
  5. Feuding with Bill Monroe


Additional Bowden Comments

Well done Cecelia. We had an extry special prize had you answered in graphic form. Oh well! Thanks for playing our game.

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