Music – Social Distancing Style

What have you been doing to keep the music going now that we are all isolated? How about adding your video to inspire others? Send us the video or link to your video and we’ll make you famous while keeping bluegrassers happy.

Larry Mandon: “Greensleeves” & “Jingle Bells”

The Blue Mask Boys: “Forty Years of Trouble”

Phyllis Elkind, Jen Larson, Doug Hatt, Bruno Bruzzese, Larry Legend: “Please Search Your Heart”

Larry Mandon: “Farewell My Bluebell”

Brad Einhorn and Friends: “Weary Blues”

Out Of The Bluegrass: “Reuben”
Peter Conklin, Mando
Mac Petrequin, Banjo
Tim Roden, Guitar
Bert Wilson, Bass

Out Of The Bluegrass: “Over The Line”
Peter Conklin, Mando
Mac Petrequin, Banjo
Tim Roden, Guitar
Bert Wilson, Bass

“Hey Good Lookin'”

Jon Ahmadjian: Guitar, Vocal
Steve Marguli: Mandolin
Lynn Lipton: Bass (sitting down in the heat)

Kat Minogue: “I Guess”

Doug Hatt (g,v, m), Phyllis Elkind (v), Glenn Herald (b): “Are You Missing Me”

Phyllis Elkind: “It’s Me Lord”

Bees In The Barn: “Fermata 2020”
Written for the HVBA by August Eriksmoen,
Fermata: A pause of unspecified length on a note or rest. A perfect title for these times.

Dan Henderson: “Loggin’ Man”

David Chernack: “Half Past Four”

Andy Bing & Friends: “Lost Girl”

Leigh Gibson: “My Darkest Hour”

Jerry Oland: “New Five Cents”

John Ahmadjian: “Sleep With One Eye Open”

Rob Ickes: “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”

Larry Mandon: “Old Kentucky Home”

Andy Bing: “Hell & Scissors”

David Chernack: “Blue Virginia Blues”

From August Eriksmoen: “As I Go Passing Through”

HVBA member, August Eriksmoen, helped put together this video to raise money for the Actor’s Fund. The song, although not bluegrass, includes many bluegrass instruments. Check out August playing bass, harmonica, guitar, and mandolin. Beacon resident, Ryan Drickey is on fiddle!

“As I Go Passing Through” is from the Broadway show, Passing Through, which tells the true story of a dude who walked across the country. Yep, just like Forest Gump. If you would like to contribute to the Actor’s Fund, here’s the link.

Chris Brashear: “The Day Coronavirus Came”

Bruno Bruzzese & Justin Mason: “Little Blessings”

Justin Mason – Lead Vocal and Guitar
Brad Einhorn and Nick Reeb – Harmonies
Marc Orleans – Mandolin
Alan Lasky – Bass
Bruno Bruzzese – Banjo

Garry Harrison: “Red Prairie Dawn”

Guitar – Cesar Moreno
Fiddle – Bruno Bruzzese
Mandolin – Marc Orleans
Banjo – Brad Einhorn
Bass – Alan Lasky

Jon Ahmadjian: “Tennessee Waltz”

Jon Ahmadjian: “St. Anne’s Reel”

Jerry Oland: “Bull of The Woods”

“Out In The Cold Woods”

Steve Romerio: “Forked Deer”

Send us your video and we will add it to this page.


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