Happy Holidays from Nick Colucci

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Every first and third Wednesday of the month, the HVBA holds an open jam at the Manor at Woodside in Poughkeepsie. It’s a warm and friendly jam and is attended by many of the residents who love seeing us. One member has knit warm winter caps for all of the jammers with their names on it!!!

Another resident, Nick Colucci, lives in an apartment right near our jam “headquarters” and has found inspiration from our bluegrass music. This past week, on December 21, Nick presented us with one of his many sketches having a bluegrass theme. If you enlarge the drawing, you will see the instruments, some famous bluegrass pickers, some well-known bluegrass songs, and a message that reads, “You are the music in my heart.”

We have all been deeply moved by our warm reception at the Manor and truly appreciate the many drawings that Nick seems to knock off rather quickly! How does he do that? He also included a lovely message on the back of the drawing. It reads:

“To Whom it May Concern

Had a lot of fun doing this. Have a great Hanukkah and a Happy and Healthy Christmas and New Year.
Love, Luck, Health, and Happiness to all. Mr. Colucci N.
168 Academy Street. Room (151)”

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Nick & Alys (our prodigious knitter) are only two of the reasons why we love the Manor and wish them all a very happy Holiday season.

Here is a photo of the December 21, 2022 jam taken by Fred Robbins. It was the final song of the evening and several people had already left….but we continued to have fun.


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