Grey Fox 09: Official Changes & Tweaks

by Mary Burdette

Howdy everyone. Many of you have been asking what the layout will be like at Grey Fox this year. We are making many changes — both big and small — that we feel are very positive. We want to thank you for your suggestions — beginning with the “Grey Fox Community Meeting” on Sunday last year and throughout the year. We have looked at all the possibilities and weighed each suggestion. Some of your suggestions we CAN do and others we simply cannot. Here are some of the changes we are incorporating in 2009. We sincerely hope they will enhance your Grey Fox experience.

1. LOCATION OF MAIN STAGE: The Main Stage will still be in the upper field, but it will be moved to the left more (as seen from the audience) and turned to face southwest. This will give fans sitting on the hill a better view and will allow more of the field to be used for seating with a clear view of the stage. We considered moving the stage to the lower field, but there is not enough room.

2. OUR WONDERFUL FOOD VENDORS have been given the choice of being “up” or “down” and they have spoken. There will be food in both locations. Fans in the Main Stage area will be close to food, while those at the Masters Stage, Dance Pavilion, Kids Academy, Family Stage, Grass Roots and Slow Jam Tents plus all of the craft vendors will have a nice choice of foods down below, too. We think this is an excellent win-win situation for everyone. Bon appétit, y’all!

3. OUR AMAZING NON-FOOD VENDORS will be nestled much closer to the base of the incline leading up to the Main Stage. The same is true for all the other stages. This has some big advantages. Firstly, craft vendors will be much closer to the Main Stage. Secondly, fans in the Main Stage amphitheater will be able to walk down the incline just a little ways and be at the front “doors” of all the craft and lower food vendors. There will be an added walkway to make the little trek that much easier.

4. The MASTERS STAGE will anchor one end of the craft vendors in the lower field. The other end will be anchored by the Dance Tent. All will be located as close to the “incline” leading up to the Main Stage area as possible. Another advantage of this layout is that camping will begin closer to the west end of the lower camping field.

5. LOWER CAMPING: Blocks in the Lower Camping field will be designated as Quiet Camping, General Camping, HC Camping and Generatorville. We will have “helping hands” to assist on Wednesday to help campers find a spot and save a reasonable amount of space for friends coming later. Campers may save space until Thursday at 2 pm when the music begins. At that time, other campers will be able to fill in areas not taken. A map will be on the web site and in the festival program book showing the locations of Quiet, General, HC and Generatorville Camping. Please be kind and think of others when taking space. PLEASE bring only what you need and leave the rest at home.

6. QUIET CAMPING will be all around the FAMILY STAGE and BLUEGRASS ACADEMY FOR KIDS tents. Families will not have to haul infants, kids, strollers and gear so far. This Quiet Camping Area will be for anyone who wants to turn in early. Please keep noise to a minimum from 10pm to 8am.

7. QUIET STAFF CAMPING will be in the very south section (by the barns). This is where Staff Camping was last year, but it was a mix of quiet and non-quiet camping. Again this area should be quiet from 10pm to 8am. THIS YEAR: Staff who want to be in quiet camping will set up in Quiet Staff Camping and stay there. QUIET CAMPING OVERFLOW will be in the Staff Quiet Camping section also. Staffers who eventually want to camp in “General Camping” will camp prior to Wednesday in the far east end of the campground (near the entrance). At 6 pm on Wednesday, they will be able to move out into General Camping.

8. HANDICAPPED CAMPING (Tent, Pop-ups & RV) and HC PARKING will be along the gravel access road. This will enable us to provide convenient transportation for those needing assistance. 24 hour Medical Service will be nearby. Handicapped portable toilets with hand washing units will be close by as well. A MAIN STAGE HC TENT will be set up in the Main Stage area in about the same area as last year to provide shelter from the elements as well as a spot at which to wait for transportation assistance. To ensure that our HC facilities are used by those who truly need them, please bring proof of HC status. HC Camping will be considered Quiet Camping (10pm-8am).

9. GENERAL CAMPING, also known as “Pickers Paradise,” will be situated from Quiet Camping on the west to the far east edge of the lower camping field. Its northern edge will be along the woods bordered by Catskill Creek. Folks in General Camping are free to pick until the cows come home. Reasonable noise levels are always encouraged. Please be considerate of your neighbors. High Meadow Camping will also be considered General Camping/Pickers Paradise (but tents only, no cars).

10. CAMPSITE VEHICLES: Cars at campsites will be parked perpendicular to streets (not parallel). All vehicles must be able to get out in case of an emergency AND cars parked in this way is a more efficient use of space. Pull or back straight into your camping space, whichever makes sense for your type of camping. Do not parallel park as you could get blocked in. We will have volunteers on hand Wednesday and Thursday to help organize the campground. Please be considerate. People who actually CAMP in their vehicle will be able to pull into the camping block, but realize you may not be able to move once you’re in there.

11. CAR CORRAL for LOWER CAMPING: Once again we encourage campers to eliminate as many vehicles as possible from the campground. If you park your vehicles in the car corral you will be entered into a raffle with daily drawings and a grand prize of two full festival tickets to Grey Fox 2010. You’ll be able to use your car during the festival for off-site travel, but you will not be able to drive into the campground until Sunday when you pack up to leave.

12. “GENERATORVILLE” CAMPING (for RVs using generators) will be adjacent to a shuttle bus stop. Shuttle buses will run continuously during Main Stage hours.

13. PUMP OUT SERVICES will be provided by a new company this year. If you want to have your camper pumped out you can pick up a sign to put in your window at the ticket booth as you come in or at the information booth. We have a new sanitation company this year, so give them a try!

14. HIGH MEADOW CAMPING will again be for tent camping only, no vehicles, but with much improved access. All day Wednesday (until dark) and until noon on Thursday, tent campers headed for the High Meadow area will be allowed to drive up the gravel road to drop off your gear at the “turn-around” circle. You will then drive down and park in an on-site car corral near the festival entrance. If you wish to use your car for transportation into town or for storage, you may do that. You will be able to drive up back up on Sunday morning to retrieve your gear or take the shuttle bus back down. Between Thursday noon and Sunday morning you will need to use the shuttle or walk to get around the site.

15. BIKE CORRAL: A bike corral will be set up for those bringing their bikes. We believe that more people will be bringing bikes each year. And we think this is a good thing!

16. SEATING at MAIN STAGE: The LEFT FRONT section of the amphitheater will be restricted to low back beach style chairs and blankets. The FRONT RIGHT section of the amphitheater is for any style of chair. And of course, the HC tent is a shelter for HC patrons only. Please do not block the view of others. Sunshades and sunbrellas are okay around the perimeter of the amphitheater. When you leave your seat, it is the Grey Fox Way for someone to borrow it until you return. If you don’t want anyone sitting in your seat, take it with you when you leave.

17. THE HILLSIDE CHAIR: We’ll be selling the “Everywhere Chair” again at the Tee Shirt Booth. It’s been a while! These low profile chairs are adjustable, well made and easy to carry. To order chairs in advance, email burdette@greyfoxblu by June 15 with quantity desired. They will be dark green. They will sell for $49.00 and will come with our logo on the back of the chair. You can pick them up at the tee shirt booth at the festival.

18. SEATING at all of our tented venues: Saving seats is only permitted at the Main Stage. For all other venues, please take seats with you whenever you go. There will be chairs at the Masters Stage this year, so you won’t need to bring seating with you. Please do not remove festival-provided chairs from any venue.

19. CATSKILL CREEK: It is NYS law that during an event of this type, patrons are not allowed to “swim” in the creek bordering the property. It’s a technicality that we have to live with. However, we have been told that It is OK to sit on the banks of the creek with your feet in the water. We will be posting signs to this effect.

20. ZOOM FLUME: Speaking of swimming and cooling off, once again the great folks at Zoom Flume (www.zoomflume. com) are being very generous and offering discounted day and weekend passes for Grey Fox patrons. Anyone wearing a wrist band from Grey Fox will be eligible. Their pricing will be $27.95 for a four day pass. Discounted one day passes available on Saturday and Sunday only will cost $18.95 ($15.95 ages 3 – 7). Thanks to Ed and the crew at Zoom Flume!

21. CAMPING GATES OPEN at 9:00am Wednesday, July 15. Main Stage Music: Thursday 2pm-midnight; Friday 11am-midnight; Saturday 11am-midnight; Sunday 10:30am-2:30pm.

Last but not least, we hope you’ll join us on the farm this year. The lineup, as always is spectacular and we’ll be once again doing everything we can to make sure you have a great time. Be watching for more information, coming soon. We have exciting announcements about a new talent showcase. Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading all this. It’s a lot to digest. Hope it tastes great to you.

From all of us at Grey Fox


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