Gibson Brothers Do It Again!

Photo by Joan Harrison

The Gibson Brothers started their 2011 schedule in the warm venue of Christ Church, Poughkeepsie, NY. It was a typically exciting and smooth Gibson Brothers performance. Sandwiching some of the new songs on their upcoming February CD release with past original hits and covers, they also responded to audience requests. Anticipating the next bit of repartee between Leigh and Eric Gibson is an added bonus when watching the Gibson Brothers perform.

On the new CD for Compass Records Eric wrote, “We recorded songs by Joe Newberry, Chris Henry, The O’Kanes, Louvin Brothers, and Jim and Jesse. The rest of the songs are new originals. I am very proud of all the material, but I’m especially excited about our originals. I know songwriting is what really drives Leigh. I’ve written with him and he reminds me of a fine painter. He just has to get every little detail right. He will hunt a line down long past the point where I’ll have given up. I’ll say, “I’m sick of this. I’ll work on it later,” Leigh, if he has the time, will just keep hunting until it is done. He wrote a song for this record that follows the Gibson line from the boat in Scotland to present day called “Safe Passage.” It’s so beautiful. He wrote another one called “Help My Brother” that I spied in his guitar case last winter. I asked, “What’s this?” He grabbed it out of my hands and he said, “It’s awful…wanna hear it?” Shows how insecure we can be as writers. He played it for me and I couldn’t get it out of my head. We co-wrote a couple on the record, one with Tim O’Brien and another with Jon Weisberger. I think they’re both special. Leigh and I need to make more trips to Nashville. Both songs came from a songwriting trip we took last fall. I wrote several songs that I think stand up as some of my best.”

Carol Beaugard, the host of WFDU-FM’s radio program, “Lonesome Pine RFD” was our emcee.

A lot of folks liked the Christ Church venue. The sight of the Gibson Brothers Band in the church setting was visually stunning. The sound was excellent, thanks to Peter Conklin, the first one to arrive and the last one to leave.

Pat Walker said, “I like the HVBA events. It’s like our own private concert with home-baked goods and people you know.”

Talking to Leigh Gibson I pointed out that we had listened to “Farm Of Yesterday” over and over in the car on the way to the concert. Leigh responded with his usual dry sense of humor, “Well I promise you we won’t play it again tonight.”

As usual the snacks provided by Diane Schoonmaker and Linda Perfecto was tasty fare. Cupcakes, brownies, cider, coffee and tea were some of the treats offered for a small donation.

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