February 12, 2021 Trivia Question

February 12, 2021 TRIVIA QUESTION

A musical friend of mine successfully bid on a batch of unsold leftovers at the auction of Bill Monroe’s estate, including an old trunk and its contents. To his great surprise, the lot included some of Bill’s stage clothing, including a couple of suit jackets/sport coats that are on some iconic LP covers.

Inside the trunk he found one of Bill’s father Buck Monroe’s account books, faithfully tracking all income and payments made for the family business; by date, name, $$ amount and brief notes explaining the entries. We flipped through this book and found a riveting entry… on July 9, 1923 Buck Monroe paid Pendleton Vandiver (Bill’s Uncle Pen) for a day’s labor. This was the only documentation of Uncle Pen in the entire account book. We got goosebumps (chill bumps as they would say in Kentucky) reading this!

Trivia Question: What else in the Bill Monroe life story is EXTREMELY significant about July 9 1923?


Answers due by 5pm on Thursday preceding the publication of the HVBA newsletter. The answer and winner(s) will appear here after contest is closed.


  • Trivia Contest ends at 5pm on the Thursday before publication of newsletter.
  • No answers will appear in the Comment Section until Thursday around 8pm, after all answers have been submitted.
  • A new question will be posted on our website on the Friday morning of the newsletter’s publication.
  • Certificates will be awarded to everyone with the correct answer.
  • Participants are allowed to post their own questions to Dick Bowden with the hope of stumping him. Maybe that would deserve another prize.

Ed. Note: Check back to read any added details that have been posted by Dick Bowden. Well worth your time.

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