Ernie Thacker: The Hangman

by Doug Trotter

This is an enjoyable listen.

Nothing that I would consider really hard driving bluegrass  music, but the songs have bluegrass instrumentation and songs that are reminiscent of Marty Robbins gunslinging ballads. The song that really sticks out on this is: “Keith How Many” for  obvious reasons. This guy sounds a lot like Keith Whitley! We all  loved Keith. It is a quality recording and I did enjoy it and I think you will  too if you can imagine listening to Keith Whitley’s country era voice singing Marty Robbins’ type tunes with acoustical bluegrass  instruments.

What is really amazing is what happened before this album was released. Ernie had recorded the album or most of it but hadn’t released it yet, when he had a terrible car accident. He was driving along and went around a curve when his CD’s slid off the dash and onto the floor. He reached down to pick up the CD’s and the car left the road. He was critically injured and was not expected to pull through. He did though, and although he is now wheelchair bound having lost both of his legs, he vows to continue singing because of his deep love for the music.

After his recovery he released the album. In his own words, “It’s in my blood”, and lucky for us that it is so we can hear more of his smooth, wonderfully controlled and inspiring vocals that will grace any album regardless of what musicians are backing him up!

Pinecastle Records


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