Dick Bowden’s Flying Circus Returns!!!

Dick Bowden’s Flying Circus
Friday, October 26th 7:30pm
Unitarian Fellowship, 67 S Randolph Ave, Poughkeepsie, NY
$15 at the Door

Dick Bowden’s Flying Circus returns to HVBA Friday Oct. 26 at the Universalist Fellowship Hall. Again under the command of the unflappable Colonel Buff-Orpington who will be playing guitar, a squadron of veterans will be playing and singing for your entertainment and admiration.

The redoubtable Ms. Two-Lumps from Regimental HQ will play bass fiddle. The highly doubtable Ophelia Feelgood, Pharmacists Mate – R.N. (and that means Royal Navy, not Registered Nurse) brings her terrific fiddling skills. The famed palindromic photographer Norman O. Namron will play mandolin and sing. The rookie member of the troop will be the outstanding banjoist Mr. Eric Praline, male model. Sergeant-Major is currently completing Mr. Praline’s basic training, focusing on rapid key changes and advanced posing.

The bluegrass music will be highly traditional. Everything else? Well, prepare for something completely different. You might even get a few laughs.

(This is not a BBC production.)

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