David Chernack’s Playlist – Tough As Nails Bluegrass Instrumentals

Bluegrass instrumental music isn’t always easy-going like last week’s playlist… sometimes, it’s downright hard-drivin’. On this week’s playlist, we hear tough-as-nails instrumental melodies from banjo heavyweights Bela Fleck and Alison Brown, guitar virtuosos Bryan Sutton and Clay Jones, and mandolin masters Sierra Hull and Adam Steffey. This playlist has it all: driving melodies, great solos, and that extra spicy bluegrass kick you can only get from today’s best bluegrass instrumentalists. Enjoy this playlist of tough as nails bluegrass instrumentals!

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  • Very nice choices David. I recently was surprised by a video on Facebook of Sierra Hull and her husband playing “New Chance Blues”, a mandolin/guitar piece original done by Tony Rice and Norman Blake. They had a bass fiddle too, which really DROVE this neat tune into hard-driving bluegrass territory.

    Other current hard-driving bands include Danny Paisley and Southern Grass, The Earls of Leicester and many many others. There’s plenty of bluegrass out there today with a very sharp edge, that doesn’t necessarily get all spaced-out while they’re doing it. I recommend Jeremy Stephens’ new CD “How I Hear It” if you want to get your socks knocked off with driving TRADITIONAL banjo playing.

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