David Chernack’s Playlist – This Is: Bela Fleck

For the first time in over 20 years, living legend Bela Fleck has a new bluegrass album on the way, called My Bluegrass Heart, arriving September 10th (today!). Before digging into this new entry, let’s relive some of Bela’s greatest cuts from his 40+ year career—and there are plenty! Bela Fleck has the honor of winning Grammy awards across more categories than any other musician, and it certainly shows in his discography. With entries across jazz, bluegrass, African, and other genres, Bela Fleck’s mission statement appears to be that the banjo is at home anywhere—not just in bluegrass. While that may be so, his bluegrass banjo picking remains some of the best ever, a point that will surely be furthered by My Bluegrass Heart. Enjoy this playlist of Bela Fleck’s biggest hits!


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