Dale Ann Bradley: “Don’t Turn Back”

I enjoyed listening to this CD “Don’t Turn Back”, by Dale Ann Bradley.  What struck me first is the quality of the arrangements. The mix of rhythm, placement of solos, and modulation of intensity join to evoke an emotional undercurrent that carries the listener along on an enjoyable ride.

I’ve always thought of Dale Ann Bradley as a top notch singer. I like her voice which is full and mature.  She sings from deep inside, not nasal or thin, and this CD is true to this claim.  On many tracks, she overdubs her own harmony line.

“50 Miles Of Elbow Room”

The song content is a mix of old and new, love stories and some with religious messages. I like the AP Carter gospel song “50 miles of Elbow Room,” but personally am underwhelmed with the content in the newer “gospel” tunes.   There are snappy uptempo tunes, and slower sentimental ones as well, making a pleasing mix.
The band she has working on this CD is completely different from the one I saw with her at Joe Val a few years back but, like that band, this group is very talented and it shows in the tasteful solos they create to back up her songs.

For most of the 12 cuts mandolin is played by Tim Laughlin, banjo is Alison Brown or Gina Britt, fiddle is Stuart Duncan, and Bass Mike Bub.
If you are looking for ideas on arranging songs, buy this CD, and study it.

Compass Records

David Angell

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