CD Review: Larry Sparks – Almost Home

This is an excellent Bluegrass CD.

Larry Sparks has been at it since 1972, and in his long tenure he has earned everyone’s respect as one of the finest voices in BG music today.

Larry knows his music, he has his own way, and he feels it down to his shoes. This gives his music a special groove that draws the listener in and leaves him satisfied.


“Bring ‘Em On Back”

After everyone has their say on what makes Bluegrass Music, come back and listen to Larry Sparks sing, and feel the groove he creates and I think you will be closer to the true source of what makes this music genre great.

It’s difficult to pick a favorite tune on this CD because he has mixed in changes in rhythm, and story lines from song to song, with each new tune making you think it’s the best one until you hear the next. Larry is joined by some fine musicians. They are all great, but I was completely taken by the mandolin playing of Carl Berggren. Carl who is relatively unknown, catches the spirit of what Larry is doing, and compliments it perfectly with fills, and breaks. Ron Stewart on fiddle is the equal to Carl, and between the two of them you have just the right match for Larry’s feel for bluegrass music. If I look back at the CDs I’ve heard over the past several years this one stands near the top, but don’t take my word, get a copy and give it a listen.

Rounder Records

David Angell

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