CD Review: Bill Emerson & Sweet Dixie – The Touch of Time

With many nominations and awards to his credit, banjo legend, Bill Emerson has been around the bluegrass banjo scene a long time. This album got off to a rough start as far as I am concerned. I did not really care for the first tune here, “My Baby Thinks He’s a Train,” but the following selections got much better. “Little Pink” was absolutely great, with soulful singing and picking. I remember “Home Sweet Dixie Home” from a few years ago when I first heard it, an outstanding banjo instrumental tune. “Today I Turned Your Picture to the Wall” is a stand-out tune with some great picking and singing. “The Rope” is another great tune with singing and additional tight harmony. “These Ones” is a fine instrumental tune. “Love Gone Cold” is a snappy tune that was well done. “Electric Avenue” has an interesting chord progression, memorable picking again (as usual by Bill Emerson) proving that, yes, there is something new to be heard in traditional bluegrass banjo instrumentals out there. “Last Night I Was There” is a neat tune that reminds me of another older tune that I cannot remember the name of. It’s a wonderful arrangement, a listening pleasure. Overall, I was quite pleased with this album and recommend it to anyone who enjoys bluegrass or acoustic music. Thank you, Bill Emerson for another fine album!

“Today I Turned Your Picture To The Wall”

Track List:
“My Baby Thinks He’s a Ttrain”
“Castle Hayney”
“Little Pink”
“The Touch Of Time”
“Home Sweet Dixie Home”
“Today I Turned Your Picture to the Wall”
“The Rope”
“These Ones”
“You’re the Highlight of My Life”
“Love Gone Cold”
“Electric Avenue”
“Last Night I Was There”

Rural Rhythm Records

Steve Brandt

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