More Bill Monroe Sayings

This Contest is Closed The winner is Andy Bing Well, over the past few years we’ve discussed a number of famous sayings from Bill Monroe. “That ain’t no part of nothin” and “The fiddle is the King instrument” and “The … Read More

Double Trivia

This Contest is Closed Roy Streever got one part of this double trivia question right. He gets to choose which piece of the certificate he wants to claim!!! Congrats to you, Roy. click photo to enlarge Sad news since the … Read More

Mondegreen Lyrics

This Contest is Closed No Winners This Week “Mondegreens” are mis-heard lyrics that often become more widely known than the original song lyrics. For instance “ ’scuse me while I kiss this guy” in the rock song “Purple Haze” by … Read More

More Instrument Trivia

This Contest is Closed The winners are: Brian Quinn Pat Dinges Allan Brooks Andy Bing click photo to enlarge MAY 19, 2023 TRIVIA QUESTION by Dick Bowden What bluegrass instrument is represented by this group of current brand names? Santa … Read More

Who Stuck To Just ONE Instrument?

APRIL 7 , 2023 TRIVIA QUESTION Who Stuck to Just ONE Instrument? The bluegrass music masters generally have been very talented MULTI-instrumentalists. As a teenager, Sam Bush was an award-winning fiddler as well as a stunning mandolinist. In fact, he … Read More

Billy Strings Trivia

This Contest is Closed No Winner This Week MARCH 24, 2024 TRIVIA QUESTION What is Billy Strings’ real name? A. William Apostol B. Hank Williams IV C. Will Forte D. William Stringer E. William Gibson Martin ANSWER is “A” Additional … Read More

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